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INFONETICS provides consulting services and information technology solutions that help reduce the cost of operations and regulatory compliance while continuously improving business performance. We help clients select and implement integrated information systems to support business operations.

Our goal is to help you speed products to market and enhance the collection and dissemination of business information to support better decision making, increase profitability, improve product and service quality, and meet FDA compliance requirements. INFONETICS understands the unique requirements of an FDA regulated business and we speak your language. Our solutions address your need for multiple units of measure, e-pedigree, lot tracking, stringent quality control, Good Manufacturing Practices(GMP), lot traceability, and recall management.

We provide information systems expertise to the following FDA regulated industries:

Biotechnology companies need to discover, design, develop, and distribute new products faster than ever. The best software is necessary to acquire, accumulate, and disseminate data across the enterprise, particularly to support collaborative business activities. Speed to market and government compliance play a major role as well. INFONETICS provides our biotechnology clients with the right information technology solutions to meet their specific business needs.

New drug discoveries and the pressures of development, clinical trials, manufacturing, and marketing products are a challenge for both established companies and start-up ventures. The best information system is necessary to help you seize opportunities, reduce costs and, at the same time, meet increasing government regulations.

Medical Devices
The Medical Device industry has seen many changes over the years. Government regulations have become stricter and market dynamics have accelerated. You must get your products to market faster, and you must audit and validate your systems completely. Customer service requirements demand documentation of serial numbers, better engineering revision controls, administration of warranty entitlements, and lot traceability for all components and finished products.

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