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Process Manufacturing

The process manufacturing world is changing at a dramatic pace. The lines between supplier, manufacturer, and customer are blurring as long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships are formed. Suppliers are taking more responsibility for their customers’ bottom line by ensuring that raw materials arrive at the factory just as they’re needed in the manufacturing process.

Knowing exactly where your costs and inventory stands at any given point in time is a major competitive advantage in today’s business environment.

Many manufacturers have created Web sites and are implementing tools that allow their customers to place orders directly over the Internet. And although customers are demanding increased levels of flexibility and responsiveness, their unprecedented access to information makes them ideal consumers for the customer-centric manufacturer.

INFONETICS provides consulting services and information technology solutions that help:

  • Improve production through recipe/formula management
  • Increase profitability and accurate product costing
  • Manage multiple units of measure simultaneously
  • Manage the variable characteristics of products
  • Meet regulatory compliance and product recalls through lot traceability
  • Reduce customer chargebacks and inventory write-offs with expiration date management
  • Simpify compliance with complete data collection and reporting
  • Improve productivity and profitability
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